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Safe Space Fence Fundraiser

Since we started our organization, the vision of The Coast Equality Council has been to open a community center for the LGBTQ+ community that will provide outreach and services to LGBTQ+ people, allies, families, and friends here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The center would also be used to educate the public and the LGBTQ+ communities about needs, issues, and various aspects of our culture.  We are happy to announce that we are starting the process of remodeling a building to make this vision a reality.


Part of the building remodel will involve building a privacy fence around the property to create a safe space for all the community to use.  This will be a big project with costs for materials and labor.  We are asking for donations that will go directly to this project.


Visit the link below to donate to our Safe Space Fence Fundraiser.  Leave the donation under "Community Center" on the drop-down menu.  We thank you for your continuous support of Gulf Coast Equality Council


safe space Fence Fundraising Goal