Leona Tate

Board Member​

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Email: Leona@gcequality.org

Leona Tate is a Mississippi born native and entrepreneur, happily married with four children. She is a Chef who has an AAS degree in Culinary Arts and an AAS degree in Hotel Restaurant Management. She has a Bachelor's degree in Culinary Management with 23 years in the food industry. Leona was a Secretary for her chapter of Delta Epsilon Chi (Collegiate DECA) and Vice President during her 2nd year term. She placed 3rd place in the Mississippi State Competition entrepreneurship division in 2012. In 2013, she placed 2nd in the Mississippi State Competition for the Marketing division. One of her proudest moments besides having kids and marriage is being the Lead Specialty Chef at the former Costa Cucina Italian Restaurant in the IP Casino. Leona created Chef specials every week for the restaurant. 

In her spare time Leona loves to make handmade jewelry, cater food, draw, and listen to music. She likes to think of herself as a very down to earth well-rounded individual with a big imagination for creation.


Leona has been within the LGBTQIA+ Community for most of her 37 years on this earth and will always strive to help, guide, and provide, any resources that can help all communities, but most of all this community. She has a desire for people to love who they love and love all no matter the color, shape, gender, etc. She seeks out equality for all. Leona considers it a great honor to be a part of this great community movement.