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Greer Massey

Board Member

Membership Chair

Pronouns: they/them/theirs


Greer’s roots stem from Southeast Louisiana, having formerly resided just outside of the New Orleans metropolitan area with their close-knit family. They are now a proud Biloxi native after purchasing their first home in the summer of 2021. Since 2019, they have been living their truth as a nonbinary & agender individual and aims to participate in activism for their Gulf Coast transgender/gender nonconforming siblings. The task may not be simple, but their goal is to instill equity and equality for all LGBTQIA+ individuals to have equal access to healthcare.


In 2023, Greer will obtain their Master’s of Social Work degree from Southern Miss. They are excited for the opportunity to provide mental health services and resources for the community, as they aim for their LCSW licensure after graduation to become a provider with their own private practice. Within their scope of practice, they want to also focus on how clients are meeting their dietary and nutritional needs, integrating physical well-being with mental health. As it stands, Greer is here to stay on the MS Gulf Coast. They have found their forever family.


When they’re not participating in social work and activism, Greer enjoys gardening, playing video games, journaling, and cooking.

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